HCL Connections Review

Full integrated social software with all I need to do my daily work

Valuable Features:

Wikis and Blogs in combination with Activities, I like to work at home, in my office and mobile without thinking about it. I can access the solution through my tablet, iPhone, BB and Browsers.

Improvements to My Organization:

We save a lot of mails to big groups. When we want to discuss new ideas or documents, we share them and discuss them online. No one must merge multiple mail attachments after days of changes into a final one. Files and versioning saves us time and bandwidth on the mail servers.

Use of Solution:

4.5 years

Deployment Issues:

Connections is based on long developed software (WebSphere, DB2, TDI) and need some hardware resources, but when you know the basics of this software it works very stable.

Stability Issues:


Scalability Issues:

High scalable up to multiple hundreds of thousands of users. My biggest deployment handles about 80,000 users.

Previous Solutions:

We used lots of products like wordpress to blog, docuwiki as wiki, bugtracker, todo apps and so on, but Connections delivers all of it integrated in one solution.

Initial Setup:

Complex, you have to install all prerequisites like WebSphere, DB2, TDI, HTTP Server.
Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: We're IBM Business Partners
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