HP LaserJet Enterprise Review

They can handle larger jobs on a group and department level.

Valuable Features

The diversity of these printers is what's most valuable about them. They cater to the needs of all our segments, from the personal all the way to the corporate level, with semi-printers to network-cached printers. They can also handle larger jobs on a group and department level.

The associated service and support we get from HP is top-notch -- warranties, management, etc.

Improvements to My Organization

We're working with HP to find a solution to consolidate printers from a cost perspective. HP sees that we're a large customer, so they're not just selling us boxes but solutions.

Room for Improvement

HP should work on reducing the total cost of ownership in terms of cost per page and making the operations cost less.

Use of Solution

We've had the same printers for five or six years. We've been using the 800 series to 100 series and across the board from inkjet all the way to black and white laser, color laser, and multi-functional printers (MFP).

Deployment Issues

There are no issues with deploying these printers.

Stability Issues

They are quite stable. Sometimes they are in the company for so long that they're at end-of-life but they still work. It's inconvenient just to get rid of them.

Scalability Issues

They scale very well, which is one of the reasons we selected them.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Our projects department works with technical support when necessary.

Other Solutions Considered

HP is missing one major line with regard to its printers, so for that reason we have to look at the competitors.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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