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HPE 3PAR Flash Storage Review
I like the performance, scalability, and cost effectiveness.

Valuable Features:

  • Reliability
  • Support
  • Flash storage - I wish we were using it

Improvements to My Organization:

We have not had a moment's down time.

Room for Improvement:

I would like it to be greener, with a lower power draw and generating less heat. That is not a comment on a problem with this SAN, it's something I look for in any hardware additions.

Use of Solution:

It entered into production in July 2012.

Deployment Issues:

Nothing unexpected.

Stability Issues:

No issues encountered.

Scalability Issues:

No issues encountered.

Customer Service:

It's fine, no issues.

Technical Support:

Two years ago it was 9/10. Now, perhaps it's 7/10. The quality is still excellent but, like many other vendors, the primary support is on the other side of the world, and there is a time zone issue. We will schedule a patch and I'll see an email or a phone message that came in between midnight and three AM, with a question. You lose a day replying, because the engineers don't call with questions during normal business hours in the Central Time zone. This is not an issue if you run a night staff.

Previous Solutions:

We also previously used NetApp and Xiotech, and switched to 3PAR as HP presented a solution that addressed performance, scalability, and, I'm told, it was cost effective.

Initial Setup:

The HP setup spreadsheet is a beast. It's much more extensive than any previous SAN, but going through the process addresses almost every issue that's likely to come up.

Implementation Team:

We were guided through this process by Sayers Consulting. They were outstanding, especially Bill Tohtz and Dean Flatland.

Other Solutions Considered:

Yes, we looked at several presentations.

Other Advice:

Set time aside to go through the setup spreadsheet.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Calvin zito li?1414332423

Thanks for the review - so much has changed since you implemented your T-400. You've probably heard about the HP 3PAR StoreServ All-Flash Array. HP 3PAR All-Flash won the All-Flash Product of the Year Award from TechTarget. I have a blog that talks about it. We also introduced the 7000 family that brought the fabulous 3PAR architecture down to the midrange and in fact in less than a year rocketed to the #2 mid-range array.

For anyone that wants to read more about HP 3PAR, here's a link to the product page: And if you want a more technical view, here's a link to 3PAR articles on my blog:

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