HPE 3PAR Flash Storage Review

Due to the fact that performance is key for us, we like the ability to see real time statistics and historically analyze metrics

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Valuable Features

The replication is important to us for our cross-campus and cross-site replication. So the recovery manager to be able to take capacity free snaps and use those for dev tests and stuff like the adaptive optimization where we can move things between different tiers, retuning and rate levels on the fly, the pier motion stuff moving when doing disc array migrations between models, moving the application online with no down time.

Obviously, our performance was key. The ability to see real time statistics and do historical analysis on performance metrics, post base per-LAN and be able to see what's going on when something's going wrong.

Improvements to My Organization

Ease of administration, cutting down the time to do things when we do migrate arrays, looking into the stats and making sure we've got, the applications are performing like they're supposed to.

Room for Improvement

I'm interested in their new stuff around, in the road map around, in line dedupe on the array, compression back up protection stuff over and above what they've got already, integrating into application aware snap shots. That's the sort of stuff I'm looking for.

Stability Issues

Very stable, haven't had any problems.

Scalability Issues

Scales well.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Obviously stuff goes wrong from time to time but the support is good.

Previous Solutions

We were previously using a different solution. We did a detailed paper analysis. We flew out to the guys in San Francisco, to their labs. We had a look at their storage and what they were doing, their software stack. We were really impressed with that.

Initial Setup

Straightforward from bringing the array on-site to plugging in and getting the first LAN provision was less than a day.

Other Solutions Considered

We ended up with EMC. We had the 3PAR guys on there. Overall, I think it was the best solution for us.

Other Advice

It pretty much does almost everything we're looking for. I think they've got a good road map for the future.

Recommendations to peers - It really depends on what you need. If you're looking for something that can scale well and protect your data across multiple sites, we've got visibility into the performance metrics. That's the sort of stuff I'd look at. Do they have a vision for file and object based storage, is that coming? How does it integrate with back up products and archiving.

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