HPE 3PAR Flash Storage Review
I can convert data from any storage type to any other storage type.

Valuable Features

Flexibility, in regards to the different disk tiers in the 3PAR, is the most valuable feature.I can manually move data between the different tiers (NL, FC or SSD) or I can let AO do it for me. Thus I do not need 100% precise planning in advance.

Improvements to My Organization

I can play with it real time, all day. There's no need for a very dedicated planning for the future because I always can change it.

Stability Issues

Stability could be better. We have had it 3 years and we had three down times.

Scalability Issues

We scaled up in the past and we will scale up again next month. The last time the previous system engineer did this. I don't have experience with scalability.

Customer Service and Technical Support

The quality of technical support was inconsistent. I did not always find that they dealt with our issues on time.

Previous Solutions

There were HPE EVAs before and they were at the end of their life.

When looking at vendors, the most important aspect is openness; that they really talk open and are not just marketing.

Initial Setup

I wasn't involved in the initial setup.

Other Solutions Considered

I don't know if other vendors were evaluated. It was before my time. But, there are still better products. I would like to have an HPE XP7.

Other Advice

Go and play. We have a lot of offices and backup sites so they can really get hands on. That's the benefit.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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