HPE 3PAR Flash Storage Review
Allows us to have an active-active scenario. They are fast, easy to manage, and easy to extend.

Valuable Features

It's quite fast, easy to manage, and easy to extend. Adding new shelves or new platforms is easy.

Improvements to My Organization

In our case, 3PARs were easier to implement into our existing environment. Also, we had problem with storage space so it was the easiest way to expand.

Room for Improvement

I'm happy for the moment. But I would like to see them implement the new types of RAM; the NVRAM that is being used in the server environment. This would make storage quite a bit faster. It's not slow, but it could always be faster. Maybe this can also be available partially in a storage environment.

For example, if you have a DSQL server or something similar. Most companies have the lock database on the local server. In our case, we have everything on the 3PAR and it would make sense to have faster storage. We would like to see some innovation. There's room for improvement.

Use of Solution

We have been using 3PARs for a year.

Stability Issues

We have never had any stability problems.

Scalability Issues

Scalability is always a matter of price of course, but you can put in new disks with no problem at all.

Customer Service and Technical Support

We used technical support to do updates. They're good and very fast. They were very helpful.

Previous Solutions

We used EMC before but it was quite old, about 7 years, and it was time to change. There wasn't a good solution from them at that time. The ability to scale to size was important to us when choosing a vendor, as well as the speed. We want our solution to be future-proof to an extent.

Initial Setup

I was partially involved in the initial setup. It was complex because of our environment. We have 10 or 15 different systems in the background so it wasn't easy. We thought it would be easy, but in the end it was quite complex.

Other Solutions Considered

There isn’t only one solution on the market. We already had the EMC systems. We were not limited to flash providers, so we also looked at Nimble and Hitachi and others.

At the end of the day, 3PAR was the most valuable. It was the most valuable solution. It was quite fast and it wasn't too expensive. Additionally, we could have an active-active scenario. That was for us the most important thing.

Other Advice

I would say go for it. You should at least give it a chance.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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