HPE 3PAR Flash Storage Review
The scalability and the support are the most valuable features.

Valuable Features

The most valuable features are the scalability and the support, because you need to keep the business running.

Improvements to My Organization

I am not sure that there are benefits over other solutions. It's just that we've always used HPE. I think it comes down again to be more about support and the scalability.

Room for Improvement

I would like to see a lot more monitoring and reporting out of the box.

Stability Issues

It is very stable.

Scalability Issues

We've scaled it up quite a bit. It doesn’t have any problems.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Technical support is getting better.

Previous Solutions

I used to use HPE EVA. We needed to switch because we couldn't expand anymore.

Initial Setup

The initial setup was complex. I was one of the first customers to get their StoreServ 7400. It wasn't a good experience at all. The guy who set it up didn't really understand the technology that he was building. He didn't have build documents. The solution that I was initially sold wasn't correct so the workloads failed. It was a nightmare.

Other Solutions Considered

I looked at things like Tintri and another company that I forget the name of now. They didn't have the support model that I needed at the time.

Other Advice

I think that it's a more mature product now, so you’ll probably have a better experience; but certainly do your homework on your actual workloads and what you need. We initially got a solution which died all the time because we were trying to get too much output.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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