HPE 3PAR Flash Storage Review
We're using Peer-to-Peer for two data centers and having that fill over is what we really needed for disaster recovery.

Valuable Features

The speed of the Flash Array is better than what we had with the previous products. We like their blades better than the Cisco Blades. It is easier to manage.

Improvements to My Organization

We're using Peer-to-Peer for two data centers and having that fill over instantaneous is what we really needed for disaster recovery.

Room for Improvement

The thing that we're a little bit bummed about is they're not so quick to get it with the latest version of VMware and we're also using an older version of OneView; so to get to the newer/later releases, it seems like it's a two week process for two different data centers. If they could streamline that process, make it a little quicker, maybe so that the customer can do it, instead of hiring somebody else, then it would be helpful.

Stability Issues

So far, we're very stable; we've been using it for a couple of years now.

Scalability Issues

Its scalability is really good because we're only using a third of the array's storage that we have, so we'll be able to keep that for several more years.

Customer Service and Technical Support

The technical support team is very good. We've gotten a really good response from them.

Previous Solutions

We needed a faster storage and more capacity, so that's why we upgraded and switched from EMC to HPE.

Initial Setup

The setup was pretty straightforward.

Other Solutions Considered

We did look at Hitachi and they were a close second to HPE. However, it was just that, we were more familiar with HPE because we already had some of their C-Class Blades.

Manageability is an important criterion while selecting a vendor. Also, for system administrators like myself, it is important to be able to understand the solution right off the bat.

Other Advice

Probably, you should purchase the CS700 all-in-one storage, so that it's easy to implement it that way. Don't try to do it yourself.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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