HPE 3PAR StoreServ Review

It is designed around the ASIC which eliminates the CPU bottleneck, although a better user interface compared to the current PC-installed client would be an improvement.

Valuable Features:

The ability the use all available disks for different RAID requirements and also the replication is available out of the box. The ability to tune the volumes to spread across newly allocated drives.

Improvements to My Organization:

Previously, we were with another vendor, and we suffered performance issues due to architecture limitation. With 3PAR, we were able to provide the business an acceptance level of performance which directly has an impact on user experience. We are able to keep up with application and user demands as response times are vital for the business to function competitively.

Room for Improvement:

Better user interface compared to the current PC installed client. A browser based solution was introduced recently and improvements were noticeable.

Use of Solution:

I've used it for two and a half years. We initially did an evaluation with the 7200 unit. Having tested and being pleased with the outcome, we purchased a 7400 with two nodes, and subsequently upgraded to four nodes. The 7200 was moved to be used for disaster recovery.

Deployment Issues:

No issues encountered.

Stability Issues:

No issues encountered.

Scalability Issues:

No issues encountered.

Initial Setup:

It is quite straightforward, it is a completely different architecture as 3par is licensed based on the number of drives and after a point it’s capped, i.e. you only pay for the drives and support.

Implementation Team:

In-house, good knowledge of SAN architecture is required. All zones activity needs to be done by yourselves.


We would say two to three years.

Cost and Licensing Advice:

Always purchase at the financial year end of the vendor to obtain the best pricing, and also purchase the maintenance in advance. I purchased it with five years maintenance included.

Other Solutions Considered:

I did evaluate five other vendors, one example Nimble, however, at that time they only had iSCSI model available.

Other Advice:

3PAR is designed around the ASIC which eliminates the CPU bottleneck and RAID limitation in other vendors.

We would say 2-3 years. Always purchase at the year end of the vendor to obtain the best pricing and also purchase the maintenance in advance, for example I purchase with 5 years maintenance included.

HP regularly organizes events which are good to go to as they announce new innovations and share other customer experiences.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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