HPE 3PAR StoreServ Review

We made the decision to purchase it with the view for growth, and we know we'll just plug another array or another stack pretty quickly.

Valuable Features

The implementation of it was amazing. It's easy and it's come a long way. The platform we had before was about four years old, so the technology's always going to be better. We didn't take that for granted. Overall I think that the ease of understanding what we needed and then procuring it and getting it, and then how quick it was to get it installed. It's just amazing.

Improvements to My Organization

It's really taken away a few headaches that we had. It's one of those things you know it's there until you get something that's built for what we want to do, it was matched to what our requirements were. It's provided huge turnaround for us.

Room for Improvement

I'd like it to be quicker.

Stability Issues

So far, we've had no issues.

Scalability Issues

We know it's there. We made the decision to purchase it with the view for growth, and we know we'll just plug another array or another stack pretty quickly.

Customer Service and Technical Support

One of my engineers might have called, but I haven't.

Other Solutions Considered

It really came down to relationships. At the time it wasn't just going from EMC, it was also going from Cisco to HPE Networking. We went through a pretty good process, where we talked about our needs and requirements, and also comfort levels of technology change. Some of my engineers were a little reluctant to move away from Cisco. But HPE came and sat down and just said "We'll do whatever it takes. What do you need? What are your concerns?" Just worked with us in real detail: able to understand what our concerns were, where we were going, and making sure that the engineers were made comfortable. But also making sure, which was the last part which comes across the line, was that the technology was what we needed, was enough for growth. Whereas Cisco was just a "here's a quote, sent it to us" which I think for me swung me over to HP. The commitment to the customer.

Other Advice

Think about the next 10 years, where are you heading. Personally, I say HPE's a pretty strong organization. They send the right messages, saying the right things. They seem like a very digital company which is all about customer, and that stuff matters to me, whereas some of the competitors, they don't have that mindset. Cisco definitely doesn't have that mindset. I really think long-term about. Sure, Cisco had a lot more features, but we didn't really need them. So, that made the decision easier. For me, when I think about HPE, think about longevity. You want to invest in technology, you're almost investing in the company.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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