HPE Intelligent Management Center Review

A lot of alerts with a lot of information that we weren't aware of before. They need to do a lot better job of optimizing the way the database is accessed by the solution.

Valuable Features

Interoperability with non-Cisco, and non-HP equipment.

Improvements to My Organization

There are a lot of alerts with a lot of information coming our way that we weren't aware of before. It just started showing up after we configured it. It's a network management monitoring solution. We can get more in depth information, better troubleshooting, more information to troubleshoot with, which all helps us to solve problems faster.

Room for Improvement

The ease of use needs to be improved. It needs better automated provisioning, automated alert creation, automated scanning of the devices you add to do a better job of knowing what needs to be probed and what doesn't.

Stability Issues

It's very stable. It doesn't crash.

Scalability Issues

Issues with scalability and data retention. We're not a large enterprise and we have issues with data retention, with storing enough data so that we can get enough history. It's not a space problem, it's a database problem. They need to do a lot better job of optimizing the way the database is accessed by the solution. We're not even a big company and we have those problems. We switched as we needed something that was built to be on the server and run all the time.

Customer Service and Technical Support

It's horrible. 90% of the time we're figuring out the solution ourselves. 10% of the time we'll get somebody that knows what they're doing and it's solved quickly. They don't even really know what their menus do. Most of the time we ask them, "What's this for? What's that for? What's this for?" They can't answer it. There aren't that many people who know it, there's not enough right people.

Previous Solutions

Lack of visibility into what was going on in our network. We had another solution, but it was not an enterprise class solution, it was unstable. We had SolarWinds Private Tool Set, which is not for enterprise. They have other enterprise products, but we didn't own it.

Initial Setup

It's not very straightforward at all. Very very difficult. Very time consuming. It is worth it, but it's very difficult. It's a deep, wide solution, there's a lot of technology in there, but it's difficult to get out of it what you need.

Other Solutions Considered

We considered Cisco Prime, and it was far and away better than Cisco Prime. We chose HPE for its interoperability with non-Cisco equipment, interoperability with non HP equipment, and customizable, and a deep feature set that Cisco Prime just didn't have because it's focused on Cisco stuff only. If I had to it over again, I'd probably go with an enterprise SolarWinds product.

Other Advice

Look at SolarWinds. Look at PRTG.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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