HPE SimpliVity Review

It is compatible with vCenter only; however, the company says Hyper-V and KVM are coming shortly.

Valuable Features:

  • Integrated data protection
  • Inline deduplication
  • Hybrid performance

Improvements to My Organization:

One customer deployed the OmniCube for a test/dev environment for it's ease of use and performance. Developers can spin up new VM's with no capacity or IO impact, easily without learning a new storage platform. And as for performance, the customer had a VMAX for primary storage, the OmniCube offered similar performance for developers at a fraction of the cost.

Room for Improvement:

The fact that it is compatible with vCenter (VMware) only; however, the company says Hyper-V and KVM are coming shortly.

Use of Solution:

I am not a user, as an integrator, I've worked in multiple environments with the OmniCube technology.

Deployment Issues:

No, it was very simple.

Stability Issues:

No issues encountered.

Scalability Issues:

100 VM limit per OmniCube (not sure if its the OmniCube or VMware related).

Previous Solutions:

Customers have moved to SimpliVity for ease of use, consolidation of vendors, reducing cost, improving performance, improve data protection capabilities, and even managing storage at multiple sites.

Initial Setup:

Feedback has been that it is very simple since it is managed entirely through vCenter.

Implementation Team:

SimpliVity stays very involved with all installs at this point, minor involvement of vendors from an install perspective.


Varies based on use casesr... VDI, test/dev, production database and apps, etc.

Other Solutions Considered:

Most comparable would be Nutanix, both solid solutions. Depending on use case, you could go back and forth with which one makes the most sense.

Other Advice:

If it's a VDI usere case, how many endpoints on day one, what's your projected growth for the next 5yrs? If it's to replace primary SAN, what is your network today? You do need 10GbE networking.

Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: Partner
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