HPE StorageWorks MSA Review

It's a nice robust platform that we can use without buying a whole enterprise SAN.

Valuable Features

We use the MSA outside of our data center. It's a nice robust platform that we can use without buying a whole enterprise SAN, so it gives us the flexibility we need.

Improvements to My Organization

It's improved it dramatically. We can put a virtual infrastructure in each one of these sites and hook it to the MSA. Then we can build the servers as we go.

Room for Improvement

They fit our bill very well. We buy a lot of them, so I think they're just fine. However, we did have some issues at first but we worked through them and currently we have no issues.

We had some differences between the 10 GB and the 1 GB platform that we kind of didn't know about, so we had 1 GB where we needed 10 GB and the flexibility for changing out the hardware wasn't there when we needed it.

Stability Issues

I think it's fantastic. That's the reason we buy them.

Scalability Issues

They're scalable for offsite and we love them.

Customer Service and Technical Support

We have used the technical support. They help us with all our firmware upgrades and things like that, so I would evaluate them at a high level.

Previous Solutions

The MSA gives us flexibility. We used a Dell product, but when we switched to HPE, we went to the HPE platform across our line, and we're very happy with it.

Initial Setup

Very straightforward. We used an iSCSI platform which was pretty easy to set up. All of my technicians can take of it, and it's good to go.

Other Advice

It's a good platform for outside the data center. Even inside the data center for certain purposes, so I would rate them high and give them my approval.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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