IBM Cognos Review
Flexibility: It offers a variety of technical solutions to better satisfy each customer’s needs and scenarios.


Valuable Features:

Flexibility: It offers a variety of technical solutions to better satisfy each customer’s needs and scenarios.

IBM Cognos BI (version 10) is a suite of different modules for reporting and analysis:

  • Report Studio: This is the most powerful and sophisticated tool for professional reporting.
  • Workspace Advanced: A mid-powerful tool, to create reports of medium complexity.
  • Query Studio: An easy tool to quickly create ad-hoc queries (with a simple list, or crosstab, or chart).
  • Analysis Studio: A simple tool to create analysis (like pivot-tables in Excel).
  • Workspace: A very basic tool to build and show dashboards using other reports components.
  • Metric Studio: A tool to create scorecards showing trends for corporate KPI and metrics.
  • Event Studio: A tool that notifies the user of events happening in corporate data.

Each of them is perfect for a specific need.

For the metadata modeling activity, as well, Cognos offers several modeling tools:

  • Framework Manager: The most flexible and used tool for metadata modeling.
  • Transformer: The tool to create multi-dimensional cubes (MOLAP cubes).
  • Cube Designer: The tool to create dynamic cubes (ROLAP cubes).
  • Metric Designer: The tool to create data packages to be used by Metric Studio to create scorecards.

Depending on how much data has to be analyzed (or other factors), the modeler will decide which modeling tool to use.

Improvements to My Organization:

I’m a freelancer; I am a consultant. I’ve helped hundreds of customers to better understand their business and to make better decisions.

Use of Solution:

I’ve been using IBM Cognos BI solutions uninterruptedly since April 1999.

Stability Issues:

I sometimes encounter stability issues, but they’re rarely really issues.

Scalability Issues:

I have never encountered any scalability issues. The product easily scales very well.

Technical Support:

I would rate technical support between 2 and 3 our of 10. Several times in the past, I have needed the help of IBM official technical support, and there was more lost time than any actual contribution received. The IBM technical support people often know IBM products less than I do. So, nowadays, I no longer make use of technical support; it’s almost always useless. This means I do not waste a lot of time for no reason.

Previous Solutions:

I’ve always used this solution.

Initial Setup:

When I initially studied the IBM Cognos software, it was not so easy to fully understand, but now all in all it’s not so complex.

Other Advice:

Be sure you have an expert Cognos consultant before starting.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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Can you give examples of large scale integrations you've used IBM Cognos with?

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