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Departmental users can bring in their own external data, explore it, and even merge it with corporately governed data. It could use better mapping capabilities.

Valuable Features

IBM Cognos Analytics is a data discovery and reporting platform for your department or your entire enterprise. But it's much more than just managed reporting: It provides departmental users with the self-sufficiency they need to bring in their own external data, explore it, and even merge it with corporately governed data, all without needing to go to IT. With that ability, they can get fresh perspectives that are simply not available in their existing reporting environment.

Improvements to My Organization

I will provide customer examples:

  • Time savings on report creation and distribution
  • Real-time data analytics to make real-time decisions to make or save money
  • Eliminated silos of information for a true enterprise solution
  • Offline reporting for executives
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Many others

Room for Improvement

IBM Cognos Analytics continues to improve with every release. On the horizon are some major enhancements that include:

  • World-class mapping capabilities (This is now available with release 5. IBM partnered with Mapbox and now offer beautiful geospatial mapping capabilities)
  • Connections to more data sources (with release this is greatly imporved.
  • Storytelling features like Watson Analytics (available with release 4)
  • Connections to Frame Work Manager packages for dashboards (available with release 5)

Use of Solution

I have used IBM Cognos Analytics (Cognos 11) since it came out late last year (2015). I have used Cognos BI solutions for more than 20 years.

Stability Issues

Stability has not been an issue with IBM Cognos Analytics – it is a very solid platform.

Scalability Issues

It is an extremely scalable product, across all distributed platforms.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Different levels of support are offered and level 1 has 24/7 support. On par with any software company.

Previous Solutions

I have always used Cognos BI products.

Initial Setup

Setup is very easy. There are three options with this newest product that limit the involvement of a technical install specialist.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Work with an IBM partner like Lodestar Solutions to ensure you have the right mix of licenses and you are not over paying in support.

Other Solutions Considered

As an IBM premier selling partner, we constantly review other products. There are a number of fine products available; however, IBM has hit a home run with IBM Cognos Analytics.

Other Advice

Ensure your specific requirements are defined and that your data sources are clean. If you are not sure how to do this, work with a partner like Lodestar Solutions, who are experts in working with you to create an analytics roadmap.

Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: I work for an IBM Premier Partner.
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Carlos Mardinotto JuniorConsultantTOP 5POPULAR

Dear Mike,

Could say about Cognos Geospatial Analytics supported Big data Tools, because I have a project that I will use.

I appreciate


Carlos Mardinotto

Like (0)15 December 16

Mike, could not agree with your assessment more. Real-time dashboards, Real-time data analytics and time-saving report and distribution capabilities are truly remarkable.

Like (0)02 May 17
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