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The dashboarding feature combines shared and local data.

Valuable Features:

  • I love the new user interface! Finally, Cognos BI has a new face.
  • New handling of JavaScript.
  • Story board.
  • Dashboarding with combined shared and local data.
  • Backwards compatibility.

Improvements to My Organization:

Our client was very unhappy with the v10 and earlier UX. They wanted something "sexy". Our UX team came up with a very pleasing design mock-up of the dashboards using Marvel ( I despaired that it couldn't be done in v10.2.2. However, we got v11.0.4 installed, and amazingly I was able to get very close to the "sexy" UX the client wanted! This is being done using the reports functionality of Cognos Analytics (Report Studio + Workspace Advanced + Analytics Studio + Query Studio all in one, but with a better UX).

Also, the tool UX is more more easily customised in this version.

Room for Improvement:

The promised D3 (RAVE2) support and map engine were not delivered in 11.0.4.

It seems a little slower than v10.2.2.

The options settings are not persistent (e.g., show hidden objects).

Use of Solution:

I have used it for two months.

Deployment Issues:

I've done three installs to date (two alone and one where I supported):

  • Stand-alone on a Windows machine - easiest install ever!
  • Concurrent install with C10.2.2 on a Windows machine - smooth with little confusion except around SSO and WebDAV. Used port 9305 as 9300 is for 10.2.2 install.
  • Upgrade on a Linux machine - quick and painless.

Stability Issues:

I have encountered stability issues. I was able to crash the browser a couple of times (Firefox, recent version). I've tested the UI with Firefox (49 & ESR 45), MS 11, Chrome, and Edge (not supported), and all appear to work fine.

The longer I work on a report through the day, the slower the system responds.

Customer Service:

Customer service is very good. Given that support is coming from Canada and I'm in New Zealand, a 16 hours time difference, I've usually had a response by the next morning.

Technical Support:

The old Cognos Help Knowledgebase (pre-Rob Ash) was brilliant.  The next version was so so. The move to IBM's DeveloperWorks means I struggle to find the information I need now.

We needed to connect to a PI Historian database but IBMCognos BI/CA does not certify the JDBC (Linux) driver. IBM said they would not provide a fix to support the PI drivers. The workaround is now to get PI data via a web service using IBM Integration Bus into a DB2 table, then read the data from there.

Previous Solutions:

I previously used CBI10.2.2; upgraded to CA11.0.4 to get a better UX.

Initial Setup:

Initial setup was 99% straightforward; only complex in getting ports opened by a third party, implementing SSO, and WebDAV configuration.

Implementation Team:

An in-house team implemented it.

Cost and Licensing Advice:

Cognos BI or Cognos Analytics comes bundled with many IBM solutions now.  E.g, PMQ, Maximo. Check if your company has this supporting program license first before purchasing a new license. BUT, a bundled license is limited, so check the wording carefully.

Other Solutions Considered:

Before choosing this product, I did not evaluate other options.

Other Advice:

If you go with Cognos Analytics, install at least version 11.0.4. It has backwards capability for old reports and dashboards, and includes the new JavaScript API.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Great review Bob. I found URL Rewrite config with SSO on 11.0.4 quite challenging too.
Incidentally RAVE2 is out with 11.0.5 along with Geospatial and other features.

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Carlos Mardinotto JuniorConsultantTOP 5POPULAR

Dear, Could say about Cognos Geospatial Analytics supported Big data Tools, because I have a project that I will use.

I appreciate


Carlos Mardinotto

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