IBM Cognos TM1 Review
With in-memory processing, performance is a strength.

Valuable Features:

This software uses in-memory processing, so performance is a strength, as are the flexibility to make development changes and the facility to learn the programming language.

Improvements to My Organization:

I work at a company that implements this software for a lot of clients. The clearest improvement is that, after the implementation, the clients have a lot of more time to analysis their results and make strategic decisions, as opposed to wasting time creating operation jobs.

Room for Improvement:

I think the software front-end on Cognos Contributor should be developed further to provide the final user with a better and clear design. The view where the user makes inputs and analyses data is not user-friendly.

Use of Solution:

I’ve been using it for four years.

Stability Issues:

I have some problems with a few clients. I contact the vendor support, and in some cases I have experienced some difficulty getting a quick resolution.

Scalability Issues:

I have not encountered any scalability issues. I have the biggest server operating in a client with IBM Cognos. We have never had a big issue with scalability.

Technical Support:

On a scale from 0-10, I rate technical support 7. I have had some problems, but in general, my issues have been resolved quickly.

Previous Solutions:

I did not previously use a different solution.

Initial Setup:

It was a little complicated to implement a proper setup that ensures future performance and prevents issues. It takes some time to gain enough implementation experience with different environments.

Cost and Licensing Advice:

You have to negotiate to have some advantage, but with more clients, you are in a better position to negotiate.

Other Solutions Considered:

For most clients, they evaluate other similar software, but in general this software has more flexibility to make changes and adapt their business rules to the tool.

Other Advice:

Have employees participate in a lifecycle project, to learn and understand all the power the software can provide the company. In some cases, the clients are not focused during participation and at the end, they lose the opportunity to use all the functionalities the tool can provide.

Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: My company it’s the biggest partner with IBM in Latin America implementing IBM Cognos TM1.

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Orlee GillisCommunity Mgr

From the user's perspective, how would an improved, clearer design impact the performance of IBM Cognos?

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