IBM Kenexa Review

It gets candidates through the process quickly and cleanly, and maintains OFCCP-compliant documentation.

Valuable Features

From an ATS perspective, I think the most valuable features are the ability to get candidates through the process quickly and cleanly, and to maintain OFCCP-compliant documentation.

Improvements to My Organization

We're able to adequately screen all of our candidates across the board through all different business units, and maintain accurate reporting and analytics as a result of that.

Room for Improvement

I would like to see them continue to make things easy and quick for the recruiting partners internally, or any recruiters who use the system. Faster load times would be great, instead of waiting for the little load window to close out.

Stability Issues

It's been really stable the last couple of years. I've seen a huge improvement on the BrassRing Kenexa side to improve their network connectivity and systems overall.

Scalability Issues

Kenexa’s scalability has been great. We can grow and expand our use no matter what. Right now, we're doing a launch in Hillerod for a new manufacturing plant and we'll be able to seamlessly incorporate our business process for that launch.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I have used technical support sometimes. It's good. It's very responsive. I have a CSM, so I have personalized service, which is always great.

Previous Solutions

The decision to invest in Kenexa was made before I arrived at the previous company.

Initial Setup

I was not involved in the initial setup of Kenexa at my current company. In a previous life, I was. It was a little rocky, as they always are, but we went live on time and that's all that matters.

Other Solutions Considered

I have not directly used any of Kenexa’s competitors.

Other Advice

Make sure it can fit your needs. Do a mapping and an outline of your end-to-end process, and make sure that BrassRing or Kenexa can meet those needs.
The most important criteria for me when selecting a vendor is compatibility with other systems; to be able to integrate seamlessly.

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