IBM Kenexa Review

We can run reports that comply with federal government regulations. Sometimes it's a struggle to get changes fixed.

Valuable Features

Applicant tracking is the product’s most valuable feature. We're a federal contractor, so we can run reports to comply with all of the federal government regulations.

Improvements to My Organization

We are able to make decisions based on real data, reporting and metrics, and we're able to flow a large number of candidates through the process in a short amount of time.

Room for Improvement

We're about to launch the Talent Suite, so we're excited about that. Just the ease of use of setup for implementing new regions would be really helpful; if they would get that more templatized and make it easier to launch in new parts of the globe.

My rating is not higher because of the support, honestly; the global service center model. We have 20 hours per month and we're a big, giant company. It's a struggle, honestly. The ticketing system works great, but it's a struggle sometimes to get changes fixed with their model: You create the system and then hand it to the customer.

Stability Issues

We've had really good luck with uptime and run time. Typically, it's very low time when things go down; maybe once a month or something, for a short period, and they're very quick to fix.

Scalability Issues

We are in currently three regions. We have US, Latin America, and Asia Pacific, so we have it all over the globe. We're a global company, obviously, and we're launching in one more region. It's a struggle sometimes to implement new regions. I will say that. If I were to be honest, it is a struggle, but I heard that they're working on some ways to fix that.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I have used technical support. My team owns the relationship with the global services center, so we use them frequently. Their ticket system is fairly straightforward. It's a little slow, but they do a good job.

Previous Solutions

I did not previously use a different solution; paper. Ridiculous, I know.

When selecting a vendor, the most important criteria is whether they can manage a company our size. It's really about, can they scale? Are they large enough to support a really complex organization?

Before choosing this product, we looked at the top five, including PeopleNet and Taleo.

In 2011, the company chose Kenexa because they could do both RPO and applicant tracking system. We've since separated the RPO, so we are 100% applicant tracking with them now, but originally that one-stop shop is why we went with them.

Other Advice

I would definitely and highly recommend the applicant tracking system. It's a very good system. I would not recommend RPO, honestly.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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