IBM MaaS360 Review

It gives us the ability to selectively wipe corporate data from employee mobile BYOD, with no impact to their personal data.

Valuable Features

The ability to selectively wipe corporate data from employee mobile BYOD, with no impact to their personal data.

Being able to manage the corporate data in a secure application container with the Secure Email product.

Improvements to My Organization

Allowed our organization to securely implement BYOD, increasing the employee satisfaction and productivity.

Room for Improvement

I would like advanced notifications of subscription renewals. Subscriptions automatically renew, and if you've downsized your user base, and you've overlooked the subscription, then you have to go through the exhaustive task of adjusting the contract. I don't think it's too much to ask for. I don't know of any other vendors that we currently use, who do not send out renewal notices

Improve user based licensing, so a customer can purchase named licenses for multiple devices. They do have the option, but I think it's 2.5 x the price of a device license, and users are limited to 3 devices. This isn't comparable to cpomp

Deployment Issues


Stability Issues

We've had a few instances where the Maas360 updates caused issues on phones, but they were far and few between. I think the same could probably be said for other solutions.

Scalability Issues


Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:


Technical Support:


Previous Solutions


Initial Setup

We didn't have any significant technical issues with the setup.

Implementation Team


Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

See 'areas of improvement' section.

Other Solutions Considered

No. At the time Maas was the only one that was able to selectively wipe the corporate data, and provided a cloud solution.

Other Advice

As mentioned previously be diligent about renewals, and adjusting the licenses if required.

The solution has the ability to both require enrollment (control), and/or allow users to set up their exchange settings to connect to the corporate email without control (just monitoring device access to Exchange). If you want to ensure that users register their devices, then turn on the setting to block devices unless they are registered. We overlooked this setting and as a result, users were adding their 2nd or 3rd mobile device to out Exchange without controlling the device. If you don't implement the block from the start, it can get pretty messy. It will also result in an additional license usage, which you will get billed for over the subscription period.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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