IBM MQ Review
We use it for real-time claims processing through a non-host platform into the host platform.

Valuable Features:

  • Guaranteed message delivery
  • Easy to use
  • Works for both distributed and host applications

Improvements to My Organization:

It allows us to do real-time claims processing through a non-host platform into the host platform.

Room for Improvement:

A better user interface; right now, it's technician dependent, so it's a tech support role. It would be nice if we could provide better interfaces to see the queues, the channels and how they're used, and the queue depths.

Use of Solution:

We've been using it for 25-30 years.

Stability Issues:

It is solid. We have no stability problems with MQ.

Scalability Issues:

It's solid, and it scales.

Technical Support:

I personally have not used technical support. As a corporation, we have, and it is solid.

Other Advice:

If you have the right technologist, it's a good tool.

It works. It scales. It does what we need it to do. It's stable. It's a technology that, again, is platform agnostic.

The most important criteria for me when selecting a vendor to work with is: Is it a partner or is it someone that's just looking to get paid?

We are not using MQ to connect across cloud, mobile, and devices as part of the internet of things, so much. It's more for internal.

The barrier to success is that I haven't had a business need to use MQ. We use DataPower instead.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.


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