IBM MQ Review
It delivers the stability and security within our applications that we desire as an organization.

Valuable Features:

It's certainly a product that you can rely on. It delivers the stability and security within our applications that we desire as an organization.

Improvements to My Organization:

The time to deployment is quick and easy. Again, it is stable, auditable, and uses automation to deploy products and keep the systems up and running while the business is still functioning.

Room for Improvement:

I think the cloud is our next solution. Because we’re in the healthcare industry, I want to make sure the security is really strong and capable of keeping our members' data secure.

Scalability Issues:

It's very scalable. It's very easy to build out with high availability, and you're also able to scale both vertically and horizontally very easily.

Initial Setup:

I was not involved in the initial setup.

Other Solutions Considered:

We used all the big players and we chose IBM just because of the fact that we've used them before with other solutions. We know their capabilities. Their delivery solution team has helped guide our solutions across the board and has delivered high availability, high quality to our members.

We also used Oracle, and we also used the Tomcats and JBoss product lines.
The most important criteria when selecting a vendor is reliability; knowing that they're going to be there to support you when you need them; the ability to bring solutions to an issue in a quick manner that allows you to keep your business going.

Other Advice:

Every application could always use improvements, but it's a very stable application and delivery solution tool that we are able to implement quickly and add applications to it quickly; keep us going in an ever-changing environment.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.


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