IBM MQ Review
By allowing messaging to integrate with some third-party solutions, we are able to integrate legacy events, captured ATM and credit card transactions, into a digital web dashboard.

Valuable Features

We use MQ as part of the core of our enterprise information bus. We started that journey in 2009. We have it both on the mainframe and in the mid-range. For us, by allowing messaging to integrate with some of our third-party solutions, like for web banking and so on, we are able to create an information highway that took in the legacy events, captured ATM and credit card transactions, and integrates that into a digital web dashboard.

Improvements to My Organization

It provides a better customer experience and more timely access to data.

Room for Improvement

There could be better APIs around cognitive analytics, around how the messages are flowing. For example, plugins to Watson. That would be useful.

Stability Issues

Stability is rock-solid.

Scalability Issues

It is highly scalable.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Technical support has been good.

Initial Setup

I was not involved with the initial setup.

Other Advice

You need to have the right use case to support that type of data and flight paradigm. If you do, there are third-party open-source solutions that a lot of vendors have embedded into their products that you have to integrate with. This gives you a really good platform to do that. So, if you don't want to put something in that isn't as robust or scalable, you don't have to. You can rely on this to be the conduit and the glue for your messaging fabric.

It's also really good at asynchronous logging. A lot of times, when you buy these turnkey solutions for whatever vertical, they often don't have robust logging and security. So, we use MQ as an underpinning to get that for us and we have written services within our system that take advantage of those capabilities. So, even if the vendor doesn't provide it, we have it.

When selecting a vendor, stability and security are the most important. Price is also important. But, in banking, because it's mission critical and highly sensitive, stability is probably way up there. If messaging fails, we don't make money.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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