IBM QualityStage Review

Good for experienced users but not for novices

Valuable Features:

QualityStage remains unique in the Information Server suite. It’s the best standalone single purchase of the entire suite ever released. Indeed, it is distinguished in terms of single data quality tool for scope and performance as it runs on an extremely scalable parallel architecture.

Room for Improvement:

• It’s good for experienced users and not for novices. • Has little attraction for Data Warehouses and dimensional models. • It’s not required when dealing with codes and numbers

Other Advice:

QualityStage eases data migration as it permits merging and cleaning for a brand new application. It’s got an in-built GUI design across both ETL and data quality functions, it's got a huge variety of source and targets comprising native parallel connectivity to Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata and DB2. These days I would choose it by default as compared to any other product.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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Can we use QualityStage with MySQL database? And if we compare performance of QualityStage with DataStage, than which tool will you recommend?