IBM Spectrum Protect Review

We can do inline deduplication and compression. I would like to be able to automate modifications if the primary site goes down.

What is most valuable?

For me, the fact that we can do inline deduplication and compression with Spectrum Protect itself, where before we had to use other products.

How has it helped my organization?

It simplifies our backup environment to one product. Cost is also much, much cheaper because you not only save space, because you're deduplicating and then compressing on the storage end. You are also saving on the licensing, because the license is after deduplication and compression.

What needs improvement?

Right now, we are in it for container pools and such. The ability to have an active-active, where you no longer have to go in and do modifications if your primary site goes down and your offsite needs to do the primary backups.

It takes a lot of manual work to go in and update all the records and run a bunch of scripts. I would like to see that becoming more automated and with more intelligence in Spectrum, so it can then detect what is down.

When my client comes to you to back it up, he not only comes to you for restores, but it should be able to do a backup without having to modify the state of the node registration.

There are features that it came out with, such as the directory container pools, which brought it back up to where other products we were using are currently at. Namely we were using EMC Avamar in our remote sites, because they were much more RAM friendly. Now, in the past year and a half with the directory container pools, version 7.1.3, brought TSM up to that level. I'd like to see that performance increased.

What do I think about the stability of the solution?

I can't comment on stability. We are only now doing testing. It was stable, but now we're rolling it out into production. We are just starting to get our feet wet in production sites.

We have it in two to three sites right now, and we're deploying it in about 10 to 15 sites. We should actually be up to almost 30 sites by the end of this year.

How is customer service and technical support?

We haven't had any need for support. We've been working directly with our technical sales rep for any problems.

Which solutions did we use previously?

The first criterion is the product. Second, customer service is one of the top of benefits to have, especially the technical support. They need to have knowledgeable people to talk to without having to always keep restating what your problem is. It gets kind of tedious and boring. Having that more streamlined and having more access to developers and the higher-level support when needed is my top requirement.

How was the initial setup?

The initial setup was straightforward. Just follow the blueprints. They are very well written and that works pretty well.

Which other solutions did I evaluate?

We evaluated EMC Avamar, which we were using. We were using TSM (previously TSM, now Spectrum) in our data center, but not in our remote sites. We actually moved away from them five years ago, because Avamar was better. We evaluated Veeam, CommVault, NetBackup, and others.

What other advice do I have?

Do your research. Don't just look at one product. We evaluated three or four different products.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Tomas DalebjörkReal UserTOP 20

We used ossv before for remote backups; which at that time sent less data over WAN.
But replaced this with Spectrum Protect as it has deduplication and compression.
You have to time the tcpwindow
Other considerations are to use journal to speed up start time

25 June 17
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