IDERA ER/Studio Review

Although it allows for many different options for what can be displayed on the model, it would be nice if they allowed entity objects (attributes, indexes, keys...) as well as the textual definition.

Valuable Features

The ability to define a set of domain definitions and group them in folders is a valuable feature. There is also a Macro (VB script) feature that allows you to automate many features that can save a lot of time.

Room for Improvement

Although the tool allows for many different options as far as the what can be displayed on the model, it would be nice if they allowed for entity objects (attributes, indexes, keys, etc.) as well as the textual definition of the object. The current design only allows one or the other. I like to have a little verbiage on each entity included in the model that describes it purpose, this is allowed in the tool but you can't show both the entity structure and the text at the same time without creating a separate text object and placing the text in it.

Use of Solution

I've been personally using this product for 9 Years.

Deployment Issues

Deployment can be complicated with their licensing model. I typically have to call tech support to get the correct files and licensing all straightened out.

Scalability Issues

The repository which is used to store the models can slow down when multiple models are added. This has improved with later releases but it is still slow at times.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Customer service is very good but they're a west coast company and we're on the east coast and I have to wait until later in the morning before I can talk to a support person.

Technical Support:

Technical support is typically very good.

Previous Solutions

I had prior experience with Sybase's Power Designer tool at a former employer. When I came to this company they had other Embarcadero tools and were interested in using a single vendor for SQL Server development.

Initial Setup

Installation of the product itself is straight forward although the licensing process is awkward and confusing at best. If you have a workstation license that's not to bad, but we have a WS and 2 different concurrent licenses, which requires a license server set up and getting all the proper installations products requires (me anyway) to contact the support to get the correct files and the correct licensing information.

If you have a repository setup that increases the process even more.

Implementation Team

I'm the administrator for our ER/Studio setup for our IT department, we have 5 or so actual users of the tool.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Fairly expensive tool and licensing setup is cumbersome.

Other Solutions Considered

Sybase Power Designer

Other Advice

It's a great tool for modeling and I'm generally very happy with its features.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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I just updated this review, the title was missing a key point and I noticed a few misspellings and type-o's.
It reads a bit better now.

04 May 16
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