iFormBuilder Review

No Paper, No Data entry error, No issues. Image lookup feature could be better.

Valuable Features

I really like the mobility function that iFormBuilder offers. As it works offline/it gives us the flexibility in collecting data in disconnected areas. You can also add many other features that are considered as crucial for data monitoring, e.g. the signature element, bar code/QR code integration, etc.

Improvements to My Organization

I do remember when my supervisor introduced iFormBuilder to me saying this software will help our project teams achieve their data collection faster and more efficiently. Currently our organization is using this software in more than 45+ countries, it is our standard system for mobile data collection. Many success stories were shared by many colleagues how this software provided faster data collection/reporting, accurate results (minimal misspellings with data entry), with a minimum number of resources.

Room for Improvement

I guess Zerion would need to add the image lookup feature to its data collection forms. I believe this will allow project staff for example to validate beneficiaries data (based on their photo taken at registration) when looking up their data at the distribution location.

Use of Solution

I have been using this software since 2010. So it is been almost 4 years.

Deployment Issues

The product is very simple. It is very easy to build a form. With small training non-technical people are able to create many digital forms required for their project activities.

Stability Issues

The system is very stable. No issues to report.

Scalability Issues

iFormBuilder is built on database logical concept, the system offers scalability while developing complex forms and subforms. It offers the integrations with other API systems for data reporting and analysis (e.g. Online ArcGIS by ESRI).

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Zerion has very talented and expert technicians and engineers. They recently introduced their online support service which is great.

Technical Support:

I would give it 4 over 5. Very good quality service.

Previous Solutions

We used to work with google docs for data collection, which is pretty good system, however it doesn't support electronic signature fields, or photos. Other important elements are missing as well. In case of support needed, we can open a case with Zerion and we would ask them to develop forms if they are very complex, with google docs we can't.

Initial Setup

It was a straightforward setup. As it is a cloud based system, we didn't have to care about infrastructure setup or bandwidth allocation. You setup an account, you get your access and you start building your forms.

Implementation Team

At the first deployment we had to get a training from the vendor. Their engineers are professionals and subject matter experts.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

The system is licensed per user/device. We started first with a trial account that allowed us discovering and testing the system. Later we started by licensing the system for each project depending on the user numbers. We were able to get a retail price from Zerion. We are now working on an open license program with them. Price is very decent.

Other Advice

I would definitely say: iFormBuilder is the way to go for mobile data collection. No Paper, No Data entry Error, No Issues. Setup your trial account for free, test and you will definitely roll out.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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