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Incapsula helped us stay up during some of the biggest DDoS attacks on record

To ensure the success of our online trading operations, we place a major emphasis on state-of-the-art security, high availability (99.9% uptime) and user convenience.

Daily high-volume network DDoS attacks against our website were wreaking havoc with business operations, resulting in downtime for our online trading platform. The anti-DDoS solutions we had in place was not equipped to mitigate these attacks, which came precisely at the time when we were experiencing record trading volumes.

Since our company deals with a highly competitive and time-sensitive trading market, high availability and stability are paramount to building our users' confidence in our platform. It was obvious to us that in order to maintain and grow our business, we needed the best DDoS protection solution.

We required a high-capacity solution capable of mitigating the largest Layer 3 DDoS attacks, which can often reach several tens of Gbps. Blackholing was not a desirable option, since this aggressive method for diverting traffic actually serves the attackers' goal of denying and disrupting service by not allowing any visitors to reach the site.

To ensure an optimal user experience, we sought a DDoS mitigation solution that would be transparent to users. In this context, we preferred a solution that does not use delay pages, which cause problems for the application's APIs and prevent users from connecting to the server.

In terms of architecture, we preferred a cloud-based solution for reasons of cost-effectiveness and compatibility with our existing cloud computing infrastructure.

Aware of the threat to our core business, we immediately began to look for a new anti-DDoS solution with the network capacity and security proficiency to meet our requirements. After an in-depth evaluation of leading DDoS Protection services in several industry comparisons and reviews, we chose Incapsula's cloud-based DDoS Protection service based on its ability to mitigate any type of DDoS attack with virtually zero business disruption.

We conducted an initial trial with Incapsula while still experiencing DDoS attacks of up to 100 Gbps. Incapsula mitigated these attacks, keeping the online trading platforms up at all times.

Our experience so far shows that Incapsula is a marked improvement over other DDoS protection companies we have worked with in the past. Despite the fact that attacks on our high-profile website are still a daily occurrence, traders coming to the site are able to buy and sell without any noticeable degradation in terms of performance and availability.

Through its non-intrusive traffic filtering and an enterprise-grade Web Application Firewall, Incapsula has been stable in protecting our online applications. The service secures websites and applications against all types of DDoS attacks, as well as sophisticated application attacks such as XSS and SQL injections.

Incapsula is now a key component of our security infrastructure. When under DDoS, traffic is routed through Incapsula for screening, where malicious traffic and DDOS attacks are blocked automatically.

By using Incapsula's DDoS Protection, we have achieved concrete benefits:

  • Cloud-based mitigation of network DDoS attacks - Incapsula mitigates high-volume network attacks through a global network of multi-gigabyte scrubbing centers
  • Intelligent mitigation of sophisticated application layer attacks - Incapsula uses advanced traffic analysis algorithms, granular mitigation rules and an enterprise-grade WAF to differentiate legitimate website visitors (humans, search engines, etc.) from automated or malicious clients.
  • "Always on" DDoS protection - Automatic "always on" DDoS mitigation and 24x7 monitoring are effective in stopping "hit & run" DDoS attacks can wreak havoc with solutions that need to be manually turned on and off on every burst.
  • Dedicated SoC team – An experienced team of Security Operations Center (SOC) engineers performs 24x7 security monitoring and assists with DDoS mitigation as needed.

Incapsula helped us stay up during some of the biggest DDoS attacks on record. This happened at a critical business juncture, when our increasing trading volumes were turning us into the number one bitcoin trading site in the world. We hope to continue working with Incapsula as we gain more exposure and popularity.

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Incaplsula provides protection against network as well as application level DDoS attacks including UDP Flood, ICMP (Ping) Flood , SYN Flood, Ping of Death , Slowloris and Zero-day DDoS.
Incapsula keeps an extensive DDoS threat knowledge base, which is constantly updated as new threats emerge.