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Using Incapsula’s DDoS Protection and Load Balancing we maximized our Website Security and Availability

To support the growing traffic to our website from online traders, we realized that strong protection from DDoS and other types of attacks was only part of the equation. To ensure high availability (99.999% uptime) and consistent performance for our users, we also needed the ability to efficiently distribute website traffic across multiple servers.

As our online business grew, it became clear to us that we needed an enterprise-grade service that was able to combine powerful DDoS mitigation together with advanced load-balancing capabilities that would enable us to cost-effectively scale beyond the capacity of a single web server, as well as supporting automatic failover to prevent downtime.

Our previous cloud-based DDoS mitigation service supported load balancing via DNS, which by definition is TTL-reliant. This means that in the event of an overloaded server, for example, it may take several minutes before traffic is re-routed to another server. In the meantime, users continue to be routed to the overloaded server, further adding to the load and increasing latency. Another disadvantage of this load balancing method is that TTL may vary for different geographies and ISPs.

In the extremely time-sensitive world of online trading, it is mandatory that all traders have access to the same information at the same time. DNS-based load balancing was not suitable for our business model and impaired the user experience.

With these requirements in mind, we started our search for an alternative solution and came across some reviews of Incapsula in online industry forums.

Following an evaluation of Incapsula against our previous solution, we decided to purchase Incapsula’s comprehensive Enterprise plan, including “always on” DDoS Protection, an enterprise-grade WAF, Load Balancing and a global CDN. Incapsula was initially onboarded for a single server. We added a second server one week later for purposes of Load Balancing and Failover.

The key factors in our choice of Incapsula was that we were particularly impressed with its enterprise-grade WAF, powerful non-intrusive DDoS protection and efficient load balancing capabilities. From a management point of view, Incapsula’s real-time statistics, easy setup procedures and detailed control panel also represented a significant improvement from our previous solution.

We use Incapsula's service to secure our online trading platform against any type of DDoS attack (Layers 3, 4 & 7) with virtually zero business disruption. All incoming traffic to our online trading application is filtered by Incapsula, which automatically detects and blocks DDOS attacks and other types of malicious traffic. In addition, Incapsula’s sophisticated and scalable load balancing solution supports several different traffic distribution methods with built-in monitoring and failover capabilities to ensure high availability.

By using Incapsula's service, we have achieved several concrete benefits:

  • Layer 7 load balancing – Tracks HTTP requests as they are being processed by the origin servers, intelligently distributes the traffic in accordance with actual server loads, and reacts quickly to lags even before the server becomes unresponsive
  • Cloud-based mitigation of network DDoS attacks - Mitigates high-volume network attacks through a global network of multi-gigabyte scrubbing centers
  • Intelligent mitigation of sophisticated application layer attacks - Uses advanced traffic analysis algorithms, granular mitigation rules and an enterprise-grade WAF to differentiate legitimate website visitors (humans, search engines, etc.) from automated or malicious clients.
  • Real-time statistics - Provides a complete, real time view of incoming traffic, security events and server load distribution, allowing rapid response to security events and supporting real-time data driven decisions.

Incapsula has proven to be a very effective solution for meeting our rigorous security and load balancing requirements. Real-time statistics rock – it’s like having your own NOC at the click of a button, and helps us to better manage our website with 360-degree visibility of all events.

**Disclosure: IT Central Station has made contact with the reviewer to validate that the person is a real user. The information in the posting is based upon a vendor-supplied case study, but the reviewer has confirmed the content's accuracy.
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Thanks for sharing your personal experience. Would you please like to tell that how much Incapsula’s enterprise plan cost you?