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Overall it worked well without any glitches.

I’ve been using Incapsula CDN for about a month now, So I’d thought to write down a review about my experience. The loading time of a site is important, quite important. The loading time comes among various factors used for ranking a site, With site speed getting so much buzz around the town, your site/blog needs to be quick to be ranked high. The site loading time should be as minimum as possible, this not only makes your site loved by users and bots but also increases your conversion rates.

When decreasing your site load speed time, you have to look along several factors, the list of which includes things as easy as optimizing images to as complicated as combining CSS and JS files, the list includes several other things too. One thing which can make your life easier while optimizing your site for speed is to use a CDN ( Content Delivery Network ) It is a system of distributed servers (network) that deliver webpages and other Web content to a user based on the geographic locations of the user, the origin of the webpage and a content delivery server. This decrease your site load time, and in addition to this most of the CDN’s provide you a one check option for minimizing HTML, CSS, JS etc.

I’ve now been with Incapsula CDN for about a month now, Before this I used Cloudflare for some time. But lets stick to Incapsula only. About Incapsula CDN : Like most of the CDNs around the web, this CDN is also paid. The good thing is it has a trial version, by deducting some of the features they allow you to use their CDN for Free. The premium account ( Of course paid, contains all the features ).

After you create an account, add your site and make the necessary changes, and log-in to your account. The very first page which would appear would be “My sites” page displaying your websites. Click on your site’s URL and tab with your traffic stats open up. The traffic stats displaying are different when compared to Google analytics or any other plugin. The tab like one displayed above will appear. The Real time traffic feature as displayed is for paid users only.

For unleashing the max speed, you need your content to be optimized. The large CSS and JS coding should be minimized and so is with the HTML too. Using a plugin for this purpose can be an option, but Incapsula provides an in-built option too. You just need to go to the settings > performance and check in the options like the snapshot in the left.

Before we continue, let me tell you my previous stats for an easy comparison. I have this blog hosted on a shared host with usual features offered. Initially my blog’s loading time was 5 sec ( Because I didn’t had much content ) but after using several themes, plugins and publishing some posts the margin increased to 11 sec, this was quite hurting, for readers as well as my rankings. So I decided to use a CDN, and the results after using the Incapsula CDN are :

After using the CDN, my gtmetrix report stats the following, the page speed grade being 93%, Yslow grade 85% and B in loading time. It is overall much convincing comparing the fact that they were quite below this margin before. I tested it on Gtmetrix three times and then thought to test it on pingdom tools. The test revealed that my site speed dropped down to 3 seconds from 11 seconds and 84/100 grade. So, this explains how useful is the Incapsula CDN if you care about the speed of your site/blog.

Final words : I was pretty much convinced by the Incapsula CDN, Overall it worked well without any glitches or breaking down the theme or stylesheet of my blog. I suggest the use of Incapsula’s CDN on your blog/site to decrease your site load time and increase your conversation rates.

So, how has your Incapsula experience been ?

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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