Inflectra Rapise Review

With it, the application automation process is seamless without the need for Java-developer level knowledge. But, batches of scripts can create a blocking situation where they all unexpectedly fail.

Valuable Features

The ease of recording automation scrips blew me away the first time I used the product. I have been doing automation for over 10 years and I am used to a project taking a week with 100% time allocation to it and that assumes no surprises. The first time I used Rapise I completed the automation scripts for a full application in a day. I was shocked how easy it was.

Improvements to My Organization

Prior to using Rapise it would take us weeks to automate an application. It would be layers of process to record, then edit JAVA to accept UNIDs that would change on each submission, finally the run/fail/edit cycle till we could get it to function. When the application was updated it would end up being faster to just rewrite the script from scratch.

When we moved to Rapise all this seems to be the seamless process that we have all been promised for years, but have not seen. Recording was quick and easy, defining verification points did not require a JAVA developer knowledge level, and editing the script to accommodate new application features was a simple process.

Room for Improvement

When there are failures in a nightly run of batches of scripts, it can create a blocking situation where all the following scripts will fail due to unexpected results. This can take a little time refine your test cases to ensure all application pages get closed out before starting the next set of test scripts.

Use of Solution

4 years

Deployment Issues

There have been issues when upgrading if the license is not disabled before beginning the upgrade install. It would be nice if that was integrated in the install process.

Stability Issues

We have a configuration that integrates Rapise with SpiraTeam. (I highly suggest this configuration). As the product as matured the process for creating the automation files in the SpiraTeam repository has changed, but the backward compatibility of the product had issues. This only happened with one major upgrade and now that the change has been completed I don't expect to see that problem again.

Scalability Issues

None in 4 years.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Outstanding customer service. This is the same team that I have worked with on SpiraTeam/SpiraTest. They are all very knowledgeable with their applications. When we call in for support we do not get the normal unskilled person reading from a script and directing us to a web site or another team.

Technical Support:

The customer service team is the technical support team. It is so refreshing to have your initial call answered by a person that can resolve the issue and not pass you off to another person. They take ownership of the call and provide you a solution.

Previous Solutions

We used IBM Rational Functional Tester before Rapise. The Rational solution was painful to modify, the process of automating an application would take weeks, the cost was outrageous, and support was less than helpful. One of the best decisions we have made to move from Rational to Rapise.

Initial Setup

Initial setup for Rapise was very simple and straightforward. So much easier that setting up Rational, not sure I can even quantify it. Difference in installing Windows from scratch as compared to installing FireFox.

Implementation Team

I did the implementation myself.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Price is very reasonable, much better that many other products of similar functionality.

Other Solutions Considered

Yes we did, we had been using Rational and we looked into a few others.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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