Inflectra SpiraTest Review

Dashboard integration of release tracking, test case repository, and defect tracking eases status evaluation of a release. We've had past issues, though, of users editing objects at the same time.

Valuable Features

The primary features that we most often use is the Release tracking, Test Case repository, and Defect tracking. The integration of all three of these features into the Dashboard reporting makes the job of a QA manager much easier to evaluate the status of a release.

Improvements to My Organization

Prior to using SpiraTeam the status of a release was based on a list of defects and the "gut feeling" of the QA tester. Now we are able to quantify our testing progress, level of quality we are seeing come out of App Dev, and if we are on target with the release date.

After a release is live on Production and we receive feedback from clients it gives us the ability to identify where we need improve our testing and add details to test cases.

Room for Improvement

Areas of improvement are all minor things to streamline the process of setting up a release. For example it would be nice if adding a new test case to an release iteration would also add that test case to the parent release.

Use of Solution


Deployment Issues

When completing an upgrade the SQL backup and restore process can be very time consuming. However we have 8 years worth of data and a defect repository of over 100K. So that is likely associated with the amount of data we are dealing with.

Stability Issues

In the past there had been issues with more than one user editing the same object at the same time. However in recent years we have not experience that issue.

Scalability Issues

We have not.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

The customer service is the very best I have ever experienced. Most customer service teams are not actually skilled at the use of the product I am calling about, most are simply reading from a script and directing me to a web site or a promise of some one higher level will contact me. With SpiraTeam I have always got VERY knowledgeable support that take ownership of the call and give you a solution. If that means setting up a screen share meeting right on the spot or writing a SQL script for your specific problem you can be sure they will get your problem resolved.

Technical Support:

I would say the customer service is the technical support. They don't start you off with a customer service rep that cannot help you and passes you off to a technical support rep. The customer support team is the technical support. I LOVE this level of support.

Previous Solutions

We were using an IBM Rational product to document test cases and record automation. The expense of that product was very high and we started looking around. When we found SpiraTeam we could not believe how much easier it was to use, and the cost savings were amazing when compared to all the larger software companies.

Initial Setup

The initial setup was well documented and straightforward. I found it much more simple than any of the other products we reviewed. It does take time to get all the data and setup into the system, but that is needed to make all the back-end connections that this application will use to make day to day functionality much more simple after it is fully implemented.

Implementation Team

I personally did the install and implementation. No outside help was needed.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Save yourself the time and just start out with the full SpiraTeam Enterprise package. Nice to not have to worry about how many users you have and limiting access to such a great tool.

Other Solutions Considered

We did evaluate several. That was 8 years ago so I could not say which ones.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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