Inflectra SpiraTest Review

It's improved over time since our initial use in 2012 but the UI, needs a lot of work.

Valuable Features:

Frankly, I cannot find anything at the back of my mind that I can term valuable. It's a solution we have and use. It is as valuable as having any structured test management tool.

Improvements to My Organization:

SpiraTest was adopted as a low cost solution in lieu of HP's Quality Center 9.2 or its upgrades. In early 2012, we were frustrated with the product, unable to achieve our objectives, slow response, etc., but over time and further upgrades these have improved.

Room for Improvement:

The product needs to have finesse if it has to be adopted wholeheartedly by the entire testing community. Some improvements that remain at the back of my mind are -

  1. Excel plug-in should support user incorporated native excel formatting
  2. Asynchronous JIRA to SpiraTest synchronization
  3. UI could use a lot of work.
  • The folder structure representation takes up lots of screen space
  • Should allow wildcard searches for test cases
  • Should allow wildcard searches for test case names in a test set
  • Universal searches to cover test cases, requirements and release summaries
  • When trying to add a test cases to requirements or vice-versa, there should be a better way other than searching from the entire hierarchy or at least provide a large enough screen to make to easy for user to search.

Previous Solutions:

HP's Quality Center made way for SpiraTest as a low cost solution.

Implementation Team:

The installation was carried out by the client.

Other Advice:

It isn't as easy to adopt. Will need some getting used to.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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