Infor d/EPM Review

It is fully integrated with SunSystems Financials software but a web-based version would provide greater usability

Valuable Features

Infor PM Q&A is fully integrated with SunSystems Financials software and is easy to use but provides flexible and dynamic reporting capability.

There are two main components of the Infor PM Q&A reporting suite. The Q&A XL function provides the user with an Excel add-in that facilitates both transactional and summary level reporting. It can be used to produce simple Journal Listings or high level management reports. There is also a Data Upload function which allows transactions to be posted into the SunSystems ledger via a simple template.

The Q&A Executive function is a stand-alone reporting tool that provides a more powerful management reporting capability with in-built functionality such as Drilldowns, Breakouts, Data Cubes and Charts. It is particularly useful for ad-hoc inquiries and navigation around the SunSystems ledger.

Improvements to My Organization

Aside from the obvious improvement in financial and management reporting capability the increased visibility of how data is processed also assists management in enforcing greater financial controls and audit compliance across the business.

Room for Improvement

A web-based version would provide greater usability and I believe is still in the development pipeline.

Use of Solution

I am currently working at an oil company in Nigeria and the Infor SunSystems and PM suite has been used at this company for around two years. They are using Infor PM Q&A version 10.1 including Q&A XL, and Executive & Alert - installed alongside Infor 10 SunSystems Financials system.

Personally as a SunSystems/Q&A consultant I have used the product for 20 years in various iterations.

Deployment Issues

No issues with deployment.

Stability Issues

No issues with stability.

Scalability Issues

No issues with scalability.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

We implemented Infor PM Q&A as part of a wider Infor SunSystems implementation and used a SunSystems reseller with experience of both the product and the Oil & Gas sector in Africa. The customer service was very good.

Technical Support:

Very good. We have reported very few technical errors since the implementation two years ago.

Previous Solutions

Yes, various versions of Sage were used in the formative years of the company. As the company rapidly expanded it was clear that it was no longer suitable to meet the complex reporting requirements of the business.

Initial Setup

The main areas of complexity related to configuring the system to meet the unique Statutory and Tax reporting requirements of Nigeria. We also utilised the full range of Q&A XL functionality to facilitate the unique processes involved in Joint Venture accounting which is required in most Oil & Gas companies.

Implementation Team

Through a 3rd Party vendor who were very experienced in SunSystems, Oil & Gas and working in Africa. All three are prerequisites for any successful implementation in this part of the world.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Sorry I don't have access to the original setup costs and the day to day costs are variable as we continue to develop the system. We will shortly be implementing the Infor EAM Asset Management module and B4B banking software.

Other Solutions Considered

I wasn’t involved in the original selection process of the Infor SunSystems and PM solution. I understand that it was chosen because it had been successfully implemented and used by the key project stakeholders at their previous companies.

Other Advice

Ensure you have clearly scoped your business requirements before implementing this or any other finance system. If SunSystems is the financial system of choice then Infor PM Q&A simply must be included as part of the solution due to the reporting functionality it provides. If Budgeting is a key element of your business the Infor PM Budgeting & Forecasting solution is also worth considering.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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