Infor VISUAL Review

I consider this to be a good package but as in most ERP systems the reporting is lacking


Visual Enterprise v6.4 thru 7.02


We implemented Visual version 6.4 in November of 2005.

We moved from a custom developed DOS based program to Visual.

The CEO insisted the implementation was to be done in 90 days.

I was hired to make sure this project was successful, on time and under budget. We succeeded. I stayed.

We also had two consultants helping us: One for financials and one for operations.

The financial consultant was less than adequate.

The operational consultant is still with us today and now handles financial issues as well.

After the first four months of using FIFO actual costing it was apparent our burden rate was too high.

Lowering the burden rate actually paid for the purchase in less than 6 months.


There are some core concepts within Visual which you need to accept prior to purchasing.

The toughest issue would be the concept of Engineering Masters (EM). The EM concept folds the BOM and Router into a single concept. Personally I think it’s very pragmatic.

The issue that may arise is one of authority or responsibility. Your organizational structure may not accommodate this very well.

If your people work well together this should not be an issue. But make the decision out front on how to handle it.

If you have remote warehouses or consigned inventory the solution needs to be looked at in detail before you buy.

The combination of inventory tracking and costing may or may not fit your needs. This has improved significantly since we purchased the product.

But moving to the new opportunities is a significant move in terms of time and effort.

To realize the full potential of the system you must use the scheduler.

Make sure you understand the impact of not using the scheduler before you buy.

The scheduler has some great features. But it can be overwhelming for some environments.

I think using the DBR lean module has more advantages but have not been able to convince others of this yet.

As in most ERP systems the reporting is lacking. We use Tableau for BI reporting and Synoptix for financial and operational reporting.

We use Magic Software Enterprises XPI platform for bidirectional integration to, BMS365 tools and other third party applications.


In general I consider this to be a good SMB package.

If you’re coming from a TOC background you may appreciate it even more.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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