Informatica MDM Review

It reduces duplicate, inaccurate, and poor-quality data, but I would like to see more ETL capabilities.

Valuable Features

  • Integration - it provides a single code-base with all data management technologies, and handles all entity data types in all modes (for operational and analytical use)
  • Model-Driven - it models an organization’s business definitions according to its own requirements and style. All metadata and business services are generated on the organization’s definitions. Informatica MDM Hub can be configured with history and lineage.
  • Flexible - it implements all types of MDM styles registry. Reconciled trusted source of truth and styles can be combined within a single hub. Informatica MDM Hub also coexists with legacy hubs.
  • Reporting – it has an integrated Data Stewardship User Interface Application which has been recently integrated with Jasper reports. One of the most powerful open source reporting engines which can provide on demand MIS (Management Information System) reporting

Improvements to My Organization

I've never been a client, but can suggest the usage across industry verticals.

  • Regulatory compliance, such as financial reporting and data privacy requirements
  • Avoid corporate embarrassments. For example, you can improve recall effectiveness and avoid mailing to deceased individuals.
  • Cost savings by streamlining business processes, consolidating software licenses, and reducing the costs associated with data administration, application development, data cleansing, third-party data providers, and capital costs.
  • Productivity improvements across the organization by reducing duplicate, inaccurate, and poor-quality data, helping to refocus resources on more strategic or higher-value activities.
  • Increased revenue by improving visibility and access to accurate customer data, resulting in increased yields for marketing campaigns and better opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling to customers and prospects.
  • Strategic goals, such as customer loyalty and retention, supply chain excellence, strategic sourcing and contracting, geographic expansion, and marketing effectiveness.

Room for Improvement

UI application performance was quite disappointing until v9.0.x, but with 9.5 and later versions, they have facelifted the UI. Still there are some performance improvement scopes.

I would like to see a custom service based integration of MDM Hub with the Informatica Data Director (presently JMS and SIF) and a seamless usage of Informatica 9.5+ versions with other databases such as SQL server which still has quite a few bugs.

I would like to see more ETL capabilities inside the MDM tool to be a self-sufficient in handling data extractions

Use of Solution

I've used it for about five years, including 9.0.x (7/10), and 9.1.x (7.5/10).

Stability Issues

No issues encountered.

Scalability Issues

Sometimes, but it depends largely on the design decisions.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Absolutely brilliant. Their on-demand support is really good speaking from a development team perspective.

Initial Setup

Very straightforward. You just need to finalize the version based on business requirements, and I always suggest you get the latest version. And there is a Product Availability Matrix available which will guide you through the rest of the process.

Which version of this solution are you currently using?

**Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: We have a vendor partnership with Informatica.
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Hi Mate,

THANKS SO MUCH for sharing this! I would love to buy you a coffee since I now won’t be up all night that has been driving me crazy (until now!!). I just wish I knew what was going wrong but so glad it’s in the right place now! Thanks again:)

The foreign key value stored on the cross-reference (X-ref) is the same as the value stored on the base object. This facilitates certain MRM internal processes on parent merge.
However, it makes it difficult to tie child X-ref’s back to their original parent X-ref.
Delta Detection is done at the Staging level by comparing the Delta column(s) of Current Landing records to those of Previous Landing Table(staging_PRL).
Thanks a lot. This was a perfect step-by-step guide. Don’t think it could have been done better.