Intellect BPM Review

The customer support they provide has been the most valuable aspect for us.

Valuable Features

It's been the customer support, the direct interaction, it's been members of the technical staff and also account management. Even their executives have been available if we needed them.

Improvements to My Organization

All companies grow and expand, there's a need to re-engineer processes to make sure that you are providing operational procedures that are efficient and effective and this is one way of doing it in a very value-centric manner.

The value that Intellect BPM Platform in comparison to the other products that are out there, while still allowing you to provide a very effective BPM applications, is huge. Especially for businesses in our market, that small to medium size business.

Room for Improvement

The full HTML five support is key for us, so that we can start to utilize it outside of more than just in our standard browsers. I know it's something they're working on but it'll be great to see it in place once it finally is. So full support directly from a mobile phone without any type of application installed and full accessibility to all the applications would be great.

Stability Issues

It has been very stable. We've stayed on the front side of all of the releases and so far it's been pretty stable. Obviously, it's like any platform, we've had to do our fair share of testing to make sure that everything is the right quality for what we want for users, but stability-wise, we haven't had any downtime with the product yet.

Scalability Issues

Initially, we bought the product and put it in place for roughly fifteen to twenty users and now it's in place for about two hundred and sixty and that required very minimal scaling on our end. We did increase the amount of web servers that we had in place by double, but it was very easy to scale.

Customer Service and Technical Support

They are knowledgeable and proactive. We've had a few issues that the direct customer support team has taken on and the tier one support doesn't really answer, which is rare. They have been able to get us in contact with a member of the technical staff pretty quickly that was able to answer our questions and resolve things for us.

Initial Setup

I think if you're comfortable with setting up any type of web application or any similar type of infrastructure, it was pretty straightforward.


I think it's something we're still looking for down the road. With all these platforms, there's somewhat of a substantial investment that you have to make as an organization, but as we continue to expand it's user base, as with any organization, we're going to start to see more and more return on the investments, but at least in these first year to eighteen months, it's been a learning opportunity for us and kind of setting the foundation for that long-term ROI.

Other Solutions Considered

We did consider other options. We evaluated five other products ranging from some of the more expensive ones like Appian all the way down to some of Intellect's closer competitors and at the end of the day, we decided to this was the best value for us.

Other Advice

Just engage with the technical staff. They have been very helpful in getting us in place and up and working and I was very surprised at how efficient they were in the professional services that we did purchase from them. Sometimes, you can find that organizations are very spend-happy with your money, but Intellect has actually been very frugal with the professional service hours that we've purchased, so I would say utilize the professional services.

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