IPS Sensor [EOL] Review

The best IPS system which is getting obsolete

Valuable Features:

Lets talk about the speed of the device, It can perform inspection at 4Gbps speed. It protects the network from several network attacks. For example DDOS, SQL Injections, Botnets. It also has intelligent threat detection system. IPS can be configured in Cisco ISRs using advanced IP Services. Also it can be integrated in ASA with AIP-SSM. You can perform rate limiting using IPS. You can use self created signatures also can use third-party signatures for threat detection.For example Trend Micro filtering service.

Room for Improvement:

Security wise this product is the best IPS system but we have seen that due to its DPI it tends to slow the network down. Which is very critical for enterprise users. That is why a lot of organizations are discontinuing to use this product. Also the cost of this product is higher than any other IPS system in the market. Another major issue with Cisco IPS sensor is it has problems detecting encrypted traffic.

Other Advice:

The best feature I liked about this product is its integration with CISCO MARS. When it is integrated with MARS, it collects the logs and sends it to the MARS which analyzes if it is an attack and then sends the signal to IPS Sensor to allow or block the traffic. Also everything happens using AI, hence without human interaction but MARS reached end of life.
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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