ITRS Geneos Review

It can be used as a one stop shop for all your monitoring needs if you understand how to utilise it to its fullest extent.

Valuable Features:

As a user its UI is very easy to understand, nice to look at, organised easily, and also very quick at alerting. This makes it stand out above its competitors, which in my experience are slow and ugly.

As a company looking to onboard, its capacity to monitor just about anything from Unix log files and processes to database memory, and even run queries and provide results. It can be used as a one stop shop for all your monitoring needs if you understand how to utilise it to its fullest extent.

Improvements to My Organization:

It has improved our efficiency in many ways. Management and user information are now on self-service as we can provide them dashboards which give them live updates on what they want to know when they want to know, rather than running a query every day and e-mailing it to them.

We can configure it to send us email alerts for errors, and set up pop-ups so we do not have to constantly monitor something. We now have control of what we monitor so there is no reliance on external teams to send us alerts.

Room for Improvement:

Like any product there is always room for improvement, and although their documentation is good, I would say better documentation is always one to aim for though, and I believe they are doing this.

Technically, I believe the dashboard functionality can be more configurable as some shapes are very limited with what they can do.

Use of Solution:

I have worked with multitude of versions for a year and a half. All of the versions I have used are very similar, and it has very much added value to every team that has used it.

Deployment Issues:

I was involved with the deployment of NetProbes onto the app servers to collect data. This was a simple process and easy to do.

Stability Issues:

We had no issues with the performance.

Scalability Issues:

I was not involved with any of the other processes although I would say from my knowledge and experience it shouldn’t be that hard to deploy or scale up though I think depending on the size of scaling you would want to strategize how to handle the workload.

Customer Service:

The Customer Service is one of my favourite parts. They are always helpful and point you in the right direction. They are also very quick to respond and have a forum for self-help. This is definitely one of their strong points.

Previous Solutions:

We previously used a monitoring system that sent alerts to our phones or sent emails to us. We also have a team dedicated to monitoring and sending us mail. It was inefficient and a worse form of monitoring overall.

Initial Setup:

I was not involved in the initial setup.

Other Advice:

Often I find that people who are not a fan of Geneos had a bad experience with a terribly configured gateway. It needs to be understood that being very configurable has its negatives as it needs to be managed properly to make effective use of the tool. Ground rules need to be set and changes need to be controlled, otherwise it can get messy very quickly and ruin user experience.

I am sure you have the ability to sit and consider options, both positive and negative, before choosing a product. I strongly suggest that if you do not have a visual and easily configurable monitoring tool then use this as a comparison for other tools. If you feel the other tool is better than Geneos then it really must be good or the sales man for the other product has done a great job

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Hi Abiraj, thanks for a great review. You're correct about documentation: a new site should be available later this month.


13 March 17
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