iWay Data Hub Review

Provides High Reliability and Data Security

Valuable Features:

• All staff members and users can request an account which can be accessed from all PC’s on the company’s network. • There is no need to worry about accidental changes because all the users access the data in read only mode. All updatable information must be held in your own applications. Direct access to the DataHub database, also removes the need to load data into individual systems using file downloads. Often direct database access is not permitted on other source systems, other than through frontend screens. • Any changes to any of the underlying systems will be hidden. It removes the need to re-write applications using the DataHub. • Individual and departmental user’s data access is controlled, to remove the chances of inadvertently publishing sensitive data.

Room for Improvement:

• Data in the datahub refreshes nightly. As the data only refreshes once every day, it is necessary to have to wait for any changes to thesource systems to become available.The daily refresh can be extremely useful for reconciling data. • DataHub only displays details of current members of the Organization. So it has much limited data available for generation of dynamic reports. • DataHub is volatile. The records are completely re-loaded each day. It puts burden on the system. • There are very few summary tables available due to storage of data in a detailed format. • The detailed information is not stored in the DataHub. It is stored in the relevant source system. Only commonly required data is stored within the DataHub.

Other Advice:

A DataHub is a read only database that provides a common data source for applications including central services and departmental systems. Data in the DataHub is extracted from centrally administered databases and is available to all members of staff and local application within an organization. It is typically used to update local database, providing data for websites and intranets. It is also used as application data source e.g. contact directory.
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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