JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Review

We have three different processes with three different software packages. The reason we're going to JD Edwards is that we can unify these systems.

Valuable Features:

Transparency in being able to see my data is the most valuable feature. As a maintenance planner, it helps me organize myself and other people, which JD Edwards does in a user-friendly way. We can take it down to somebody probably not very tech-savvy and as well as take it to my technicians. We can show them how to use it. 

We're moving away from paper and it's really, really a tough thing in the maintenance world to move away from that. The thing I like about JD Edwards is, we can give somebody an iPad or we could give them a screen and they can sit down and organize everything. We're bringing everybody up to the 21st century. We can see what's going on live, my managers can see what we're doing on a day-to-day basis, hour-to-hour if they need to. JD Edwards lets us do all that.

Improvements to My Organization:

We have three different processes with three different software packages. The reason we're going to JD Edwards is that we can unify these systems. We have 7i which is what our maintenance is underneath, and then for a lot of our financials we use SAP. When we go to JD Edwards, we're all underneath one umbrella, everything ties together. That's the world that I came out of from my last company and so we're trying to bring everybody in, so that I can sit and look at it and I don't have to go to another screen to see my budgets or for ordering my parts, for making work orders, for tying everything together, for my receiving, on my POS. I can see exactly where we're at financially when we're doing business; we can see where we're at right down to the hours it's taking us to do it and how much that's costing us. Everything's under one umbrella and so that's why we're going to JD Edwards. It's just incredible for efficiency.

Room for Improvement:

When it comes to work scheduling in their maintenance module, it could be better. Having come from different platforms at different companies I've seen better. I think it could be more intuitive, and I struggle with training my people on how to use it. I can use it and so can and there are several of us that do just fine and great with it, but when it comes to the average person, it's a real struggle. We say, "OK, now you're going to have this job and this is what you're going to do," and that's the one. Of all the things we train them to do in JD Edwards to help us with our business, that's the one we struggle with, is that training right there.

Deployment Issues:

We're just beginning to implement it, but so far we've had no issues with deployment.

Stability Issues:

I'm new enough that I haven't seen any issues, but I had no stability at my last place either.

Scalability Issues:

It came out of the box and that's how we do our business. We haven't really had to scale it yet.

Initial Setup:

We have a lot to do, and I'm new to the company as I've only been there for two months. Because it's a brand-new company and it's a robust advance in our software, we're going to stay away from customization as much as we can. We want to keep it as vanilla as we can.

But from what I've seen, it's straightforward because we're keeping it more vanilla, and that's one of the reasons that for those of us who've used JD Edwards, it gives us the opportunity to do a lot more and we don't have to customize as much. We want to stay away because when we upgrade, as we will, then you have to take your customizations with you and we want to stay away from that as much as we can.

Implementation Team:

We implemented it ourselves with out in-house team.

Other Advice:

The one thing they could look at is, how are they doing their business now, and if you're doing business from my end in maintenance, the good news about JD Edwards is that it interfaces completely with Microsoft. My advice is, learn everything that's there. You have all this power and all these powerful features, so train yourself and train your people.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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