Jelastic Review

Costs less than other solutions and it's easy to migrate.

Valuable Features

  • Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling.
  • Easy setup process, I created my production and test environments in minutes.
  • Easy deployment throughout maven (automatically deploys your applications to all web servers if you have high availability).
  • Pay only for the resources your application uses.

Improvements to My Organization

We almost don't have to maintain our servers. We don't have to worry about scaling as our user-base grows. Saves time and money.

Room for Improvement

An S3 like storage system, if they have a s3 API compatible system I can move my files from AWS.

Use of Solution

2 years

Customer Service and Technical Support

I am satisfied with technical support but Jelastic is a platform there are several service providers, so I can not comment on all of them.

Previous Solutions

I used AWS. The problem with AWS was, I need to make a commitment for 3 years in order to reduce the price of a ec2 instance. But a lot changes in 3 years, at the end of the second year you may want to change your instance type, like I did want to move from medium utilized server to a high utilized one but I already had contract on medium. With Jelastic I did not make any commitments and it's still costs less.

Initial Setup

It took almost 5 minutes. A few clicks from the Jelastic control panel and you are ready to go.

Other Solutions Considered


Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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