JIRA Review

Very customizable and has a modular structure. Would be nice to be able to save drafts for issues.

Valuable Features:

  • Great user interface - it is light and very user friendly
  • Web technologies - no need to install any local ("thick") clients on PC, just web browser
  • JIRA is very customizable and has a modular structure - this is very important, when an organization has often changing workflows
  • Powerful reporting and filtering systems
  • Time tracking and workloging
  • Fully customizable desktops

Improvements to My Organization:

I advised my friend to introduce JIRA at his organization and I helped him with this. Here are some results after about two months:
  • Employees stopped to write on colourful stickers and leave its at their monitors
  • My friend and his manager can see what each employee is doing and find lazies
  • Each project participant began to think before writing (earlier someone could say something but after some days his/he worlds were forgotten, or he/she might say that he/she didn't say that, etc);
  • Employees started to plan their time and try to work faster and better
  • Customers of the organization now can create tickets and requests via JIRA, no phone calls, no email conversations. The result - most of requests from customers are processed faster.
  • A customer can see the time tracking of his tickets, so he can plan future requests and calculate current and future payments (and all that without phone calls).

Room for Improvement:

There are some little bugs and features which need to be resolved, but they're not so critical. I think JIRA should have features like drafts of issues as Confluence has drafts of pages.

Use of Solution:

I've used Atlassian products for about 8 years.

Deployment Issues:

Earlier versions of JIRA were more difficult to deploy, but current versions are deployed very easily. I have good knowledge of Linux, and I have never experienced difficulties with JIRA installations, even the early versions.

Stability Issues:


Scalability Issues:


Previous Solutions:

I used many other solutions before but my manager chose JIRA. I started using JIRA about 8 years ago and the choice was made by my manager as well. Now when I start my own project, the first thing I do is starting to configure JIRA to the project's requirements and after that I can start my project.

Initial Setup:

It was straightforward.

Cost and Licensing Advice:

My first setup was just for 10 users with a license of $10.

Other Solutions Considered:

I used many other solutions, but the most popular I used was RedMine, Lotus Notes, TaskFreak, and Bugzilla.

Other Advice:

The main thing you should think about before you start implementing JIRA is ask yourself - "What result do I want to get from the solution? What problems do I have? What problems do my employees have? You should dream about your ideal team of employees and you must make your dreams a reality, and JIRA will help you with it".
Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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