JIRA Review

Allowed us to not waste time with dead ends, better focus, and get to root cause much faster.

Valuable Features

JIRA: Product is well liked but we have had performance issues. Premier Support: Knowledge is very good and they are willing to bring in other people when they need to. The Premier Support team was very thorough and very responsive.

Improvements to My Organization

I think that if you look at how we troubleshoot, Premier Support has allowed us to not waste our time with dead ends, to have better focus, and get to root case much faster. Even though we still have monitoring in place, for root cause analysis we rely heavily on Premier Support and don’t waste as much time.

Room for Improvement

For our Premier Support, We would like to have on the call interaction all the time. The session we’ve had recently has been valuable, but we would like to see more live sessions/interactions.

Use of Solution

Purchased Sept. 27th 2014.

Deployment Issues

Our Premier Support engineer was extremely helpful with deployment. I was pleasantly surprised, the engineer gave us guidance, looked for any potential issues, and was above and beyond in terms of service. They did a really fantastic job.

Stability Issues

From the beginning that has been the main thing we have been working on and thru Premier Support, they have done a good job working on our side, and escalating to a larger team when needed.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

The Premier Support team was very thorough and very responsive.

Technical Support:

The Premier Support team was very thorough and very responsive.

Previous Solutions

We previously used the standard Atlassian support and then jumped from standard to premier. In terms of tracking, we had other defect tracking, but now JIRA has been a replacement – it is the tool of the future.

Initial Setup

The initial setup was straightforward.

Other Solutions Considered

Yes, we have other vendors and tools – evaluation is ongoing.

Other Advice

I would tell people to understand your growth and usage up front – really comes down to understanding that and keeping it under control. We grew too fast and weren’t prepared for the issues that came with that; you want to make sure you have a good performance testing environment in place, datacenter etc. so you’re not scrambling afterwards.

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