Jive-n Review

From intra-mess to social collaboration

Valuable Features

Blogging, sharing, search, mobile use Full integration of MS Office and Outlook

Improvements to My Organization

Colleagues are more informed, easier to find content, silo breaking

Room for Improvement

A visual navigator would be very useful as many colleagues have an issue to find their way and connect the dots

Use of Solution

2 years 1 month

Deployment Issues

When we deployed 2 years ago we had some issues but the move from Jive 5 to 7 this July worked seamlessly and smoothly

Stability Issues

We are using 6 nodes and only one of them had some stability issues.

Scalability Issues

None, even after two years the system is very fast

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Jive and the Community has always been available to support us in all questions.

Technical Support:

Considering the fact that their tech support for Europe is based in London and all support questions are handled via the Jive Community we are very happy.

Previous Solutions

Being a public Administration with over 50 units it has always been very difficult to know what other units were doing, even if some of them worked on similar issues. Files were saved on ShareDrives and to find content on our old html (Frontpage) based intranet was at best very time consuming with little results. In 2012 we had a major reorganisation and our CEO wanted to accompany this switch with a modern Social Collaboration platform. The decision to use Jive as Intranet was practically taken over night and we went from a slow two unit pilot to a big bang approach, including shutting down the old intranet.

Initial Setup

Very easy and straight forward. Some minor issues

Implementation Team

Inhouse (with on side support from Jive)

Other Solutions Considered

Blue Kiwi, Hubble,...

Other Advice

In the beginning the big bang approach brought some problems for the NON-"Facebook" users, finding it very difficult to understand the concept of linking, sharing, following. I would not go for a big bang and rather guide users via a slow pilot approach. The big issue for us was the cultural shift from static to social. It needs a dedicated team of Community managers and the clear support from Management.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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