Jive Review

Introducing Jive Collaboration Tool

Our team uses a tool called Jive Software for our collaboration needs. We use it to get work done and we also use it to connect with our customers. I recently spoke at the Milwaukee CIO conference and highlighted how we’ve been successful using the tool.

Five benefits of Jive:

  1. Easy to use: there are so many tools that have great functionality but you need a PhD just to work it. Jive is incredibly simple and easy for anyone to pick up

  2. No hassle cloud hosting: you have the option of having Jive host your site, meaning they handle all server, maintenance, and databases

  3. Private communities: you can add security onto a community so that only the right people see key information

  4. Seamless document version control: we spend a lot of time in Microsoft Office and passing versions back and forth can be a pain. Jive’s Office plugin make is super easy to stay in sync with your colleagues

  5. Fast notifications with @ mentioning and activity feeds: you can setup customized activity feeds and @ mention colleagues so that they get notified right away

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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