Joomla Review
Joomla is an impressive, open source Content Management System with lot of great features to develop full fledge websites

Valuable Features:

A robust and scalable platform for creating varieties of web applications including (E-commerce).Round the clock assistance from vast and proactive community members.Thousands of ready made extensions available.

Room for Improvement:

Bigger learning curve.Web Applications created in Joomla eat up a lot of server resources.Requires technical know-how, in order to take advantage of various features.

Other Advice:

Despite some limitations, Joomla stands out from the crowd and manages to retain its position in the market.
Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.



I would like to add some other pros like: it is easy, free, open source and it is Search Engine Optimized (SEO) friendly with Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URL plug-in. As a con I would mention that JavaScript and CSS can get bulky (slower loading time or possible additional hosting costs).

30 March 13

Agreed with author, and also like to add few more pros so community can benefit.
1) Easy to install, even some hosting providers offers 1 click installation like hostgator.
2) Strong navigation management that can successfully manage several hierarchies.
3) Advanced administration

25 May 13
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