Kaminario K2 Review

We were looking for a solution that offers block-level deduplication.

Improvements to My Organization

The biggest thing for us, second to the performance, is that we were looking for a solution that offers block-level deduplication. Right now, the capacity that we're saving by using Kaminario's K2 is giving us a four-to-one ratio for our deduplication. We're using it specifically and exclusively for block level; we probably have about 300 VMs just in our studio alone and of that, I believe that we probably have half of that or more running on the K2. It's saving us a lot of storage.

Room for Improvement

I would like to see LDAP for the management panel; I've been notified they might be currently working on it. That is probably the biggest feature that we wanted; otherwise, everything has been just a champion with it, we've been really happy with it.

Stability Issues

It’s been extremely stable. The last time we brought Kaminario down was to do a firmware upgrade, so our uptime before that was months, and months, and months.

Scalability Issues

I believe it will scale to meet your company's needs going forward. I like the way that they have designed it to scale up and out. We're looking at eventually adding some more capacity to it, because I believe that we're using probably about 85% at the moment.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Support's amazing. When it came time for the flash upgrade, our rep contacted us, and put us in touch with their engineering team. I had a guy on the phone with a remote session, running through the firmware upgrade; everything went flawlessly. And it was a live upgrade too, we didn't even have to bring the array down.

Previous Solutions

The main reason we started using it was our continuous integration environment. We had a product before that was 15,000 RPM SAS spinning discs; build times were at about two hours. Our holdup was disk I/O, so we did a PoC with Kaminario and we reduced build times down to fifteen minutes for a full build from two hours. That was the best part about it.

Other Advice

When I decide to work with a vendor like Kaminario, I look for, honestly, cost effectiveness. I like the most bang for our buck. I definitely look at performance metrics. I'm not so much interested in whether they're a big power player like EMC or Dell or anything like that. To me, the truth is in the numbers.

As far as advice, I'd recommend, if they're looking for a flash-based solution for high throughput, low latency, and high IOPS, check out Kaminario's K2, because so far it's worked for us; we've provided a testimony for them. Honestly, for us to stretch ourselves out there and do that, it's been amazing for us.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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