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Users of SpagoBI will need support, training and consulting services, and obviously this is where the revenue model is pitched

SpagoBI is essentially a very large collection of open source software brought together to create a broad business intelligence capability. In fact it goes beyond the traditional notion of BI to embrace domains such as data mining and BPM. This broad capability has encouraged large companies such as Fiat and Gamebay to adopt it as part of their strategic BI solution. SpagoBI is also unique among open source BI solutions in that the free version is the only version. There are no paid for versions with extra functionality. Users can elect to contract into support and training, but the product just comes in one version.

The breadth of the offering is impressive, and each area of functionality is often served by a number of engines to deliver all the functionality that might possibly be needed. The main areas of functionality include:

  • Reporting
  • Multidimensional analysis
  • Charts
  • KPI
  • Interactive Cockpits
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting
  • Location Intelligence
  • Free Inquiry (Query by Example)
  • Data Mining
  • Real Time Dashboards and Console
  • Collaboration
  • Office Automation
  • ETL
  • Mobile
  • Master Data Management

If you want the full run-down on these areas of functionality go here.

Users of SpagoBI will need support, training and consulting services, and obviously this is where the revenue model is pitched.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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As you said, SpagoBI is an open office software, but also a complete and flexible business intelligence tool. I would like to add that SpagoBI covers external processes for managing customized processes, running in the background or starting at a scheduled time.

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SpagoBI is an excellent Business Intelligent solution for new businesses, SMEs and companies looking for more than just the usual capabilities of BI tools like generation of reports and summarization of data. This is due to the fact that it is available free of charge (only downloads and installations are required) and is designed for more functions such as data mining, management of primary data and a mobile version among other uses as mentioned by this author.

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The advantage of SpagoBI is Open source, but there is no way to customize the visualization of data other than SpagoBI provided internal representation,
For example, if I want to cusotmize/use different technology/tool for data visualization (displaying chart using iChart/JFreeChart) it does not give jQuery/XML response. Instead it provides the graphical response which cannot be customized before displaying in the dashboard.

Moreover, spagoBI claims that they are providing mobileBI which is not matured still and supports only web in the browser where it is also having problem of rendering using iFrame causes resolution issues.

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But is open source, therefore I suppose you can extend the code.

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SpagoBI real-user review.