Lastline Defender Review

Open APIs allow seamless integration with other products.

Valuable Features

Open APIs allow seamless integration with other products. Eventhough Lastline does not provide an end-to-end solution like their rivals, namely McAfee, TrendMicro and Symantec, Lastline excels by providing their APIs so that they could be integrated with other security products.

Improvements to My Organization

With Lastline, the effort to put in into the protecting the users against zero-day threats and malware can be subsequently reduced. It's accuracy and analysis reports on the objects are what all the other vendors should make an example of.

Room for Improvement

Lastline's reports can sometimes be very complicated and somehow leaves users with lots of technical information that cannot be easily digested. A more presentable reporting should be provided. However, this is not a weakness and their reporting is only suitable for people with certain technical knowledge.

Lastline itself is a complicated product to navigate through, although it provides a lot of details to the users. This was a feedback from one of our customer here during the POC stage. Users may be required to be technically sound to understand what Lastline has provided to them. What I mean by "a more presentable reporting" is that Lastline should provide a more user readable format of the report; perhaps more visual storyline of their process?

Use of Solution

I have been using and performing POC on Lastline for my customers for around 1 year.

Deployment Issues

No issues.

Stability Issues

No stability issues.

Scalability Issues

Lastline has no issue with scalability as it is by far the more scalable amongst APT solutions.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Lastline support has yet to fully penetrate into the SEA market. Their responses may come from their Sales and System engineers instead of their support team.

Technical Support:

As mentioned, their system engineers are very well trained and experience enough to answer most of the technical and product inquiries thrown at them.

Previous Solutions


Initial Setup

Initial setup is very straightforward for cloud-based deployment. For on-premise deployment, it will require some UNIX-based commands knowledge.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Lastline is not a cheap product if compared with their competitors. I wish they could do something about the pricing as it is very hard to convince the customers on such a model.

Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: I have evaluated, tested and perform proof of concepts for our customers.
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